Why We Are Still Talking About Colbie Caillat’s “Try”

It’s been a month since Colbie Caillat released her bold, powerful music video for “Try”. With nearly 19 million views, the video (link below) encourages women to embrace and celebrate their natural beauty. In the quick consumption world we live in, I typically would have expected the buzz to die down by this point, but I’ve had at least 6 separate conversations in the last week about the theme of this song. So why are we still talking about it? Why has this song struck a chord?

To me, it runs so much deeper than whether or not we choose to wear makeup or curl our hair. I think it hits the core of who we are and how we-as women and girls-want to be loved, adored and accepted for who we naturally are (both internally and externally)-NOT who we project ourselves to be, who we want to be, who someone else wants us to be or who we THINK they want us to be…


It’s a struggle because we live in an image-driven society that tells us we need a look a certain way, be a certain size, make a certain living or act a certain way to be accepted. We look in the mirror and feel the need to cover up the things we deem to be imperfections in order to feel more attractive. We feel the need to have it all “together”. We look at everyone’s perfectly filtered photos on social media and feel our insecurities mounting.

I get it. I feel it. I wrestle with it. And I know a ton of incredibly strong, smart, vibrant women who do too.

But why? What are we trying to prove?

Over the last year, I’ve realized that the seasons in my life when I am most joyful are not the seasons where everything is “perfect” (i.e. my job, friends, family, boyfriend, hair, makeup are all falling blissfully into place). It’s when everything is in slight chaos yet I can take a step back, look at my life-the good, the challenging, the things I’ve overcome-and be grateful for my family, friends, and the experiences-no matter how joyous or gut wrenching-knowing that I am stronger and wiser because of them.

The reality is we are all walking through this life just trying to do the absolute best we can.

So what if we stopped the negative self-talk and comparisons (if only I was skinnier/heavier, didn’t have these laugh lines, didn’t have these dimples on my butt, my arms/legs were more toned, if only I looked like her, if only I was single/married, if only I had this or that)?

“If only” and comparisons = misery.

What if when we looked in the mirror-instead of seeing our attributes as imperfections-what if we saw them as characteristics God gave us that make us uniquely who we are and saw them as beautiful? What if we looked at our lives as a journey where the joys and challenges are all a part of the unique story we have individually been given to tell?

What if we gave ourselves a little bit of grace?

Like Colbie shares in my favorite lyrics from “Try”:

Take your make up off / Let your hair down / Take a breath / Look into the mirror at yourself / Don’t you like you?  / Cause I like you

It’s that simple. You are stunning. You are worthy. You are of incredible value just because you were born. The attributes you think are imperfections and want to change are beautiful and make you uniquely who you are. Embrace them. Celebrate them. Celebrate them in each other.

Surround yourself with people who empower you-not those who tear you down. It isn’t about how much or how little make up we wear, it’s simply learning to love ourselves for who we TRULY are and becoming comfortable in our own skin.

Be Bold.  Be Brave.


Ashley Eicher
Me…al natural and no filters
Karly & Ashley - Two dear friends who encourage and empower me to be who I uniquely am.
Karly & Ashley – Two dear friends who encourage and empower me to be who I uniquely am.

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