10 Things You Need To Know About Bonnaroo

I’m working on a web series this weekend for WhatsTrending.com and Ford as a part of #EscapeToRoo. So far it has been a blast! Our team is incredible and between GloZell GreenKing BachChester SeeMeghan TonjesKandee Johnson and Shira Lazar, I haven’t stopped laughing all weekend.

We will be posting artists interviews and behind the scenes content all weekend long so make sure you check out WhatsTrending’s YouTube Playlist often.

Earlier in the week, the creators and producers of the festival took us on a tour of the grounds to learn everything we possibly could about Bonnaroo.

Did you know Bonnaroo in Creole means “All Good Things”? The creators are from New Orleans and got their start planning after hours parties and concerts during Jazz Fest. Originally they just wanted to create really cool concert posters and host amazing live shows by putting all of their favorite artists on stage together. The shows ventually they came up with the idea for Bonnaroo and launched the festival in 2002 selling 75,000 tickets their first year solely by word of mouth. Bonnaroo has sold out every year since.

For our list of 10 Things You Need To Know About Bonnaroo, check out our behind the scenes video here.

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