David Nail FIGHTER Series: Patrick & Holly Wright

Patrick and Holly Wright established The Payton Wright Foundation after their daughter Payton passed away from brain cancer when she was just five years old. The foundation exists to help support families who are caring for a child with brain cancer. With the help of families, physicians and social workers, PWF provides practical relief for things such as fuel, food and housing expenses so that families can give full concentration to their child’s care and treatment.

To learn more about their story and Payton’s FIGHTER spirit, watch the video below. To support The Payton Wright Foundation, click here.

The Wright’s FIGHTER story is part of a six-part series that was released with David Nail’s latest album FIGHTER. Fighter is an ode to David’s wife Catherine given her “fight” through David’s battle with depression as well as their struggle as a couple with infertility. The goal of the series is to allow others to share their Fighter story alongside David and Catherine’s as well as amplify the message of success against seemingly unfamiliar odds.

To view the entire series or share your own FIGHTER story, visit DavidNail.com/Fighter

Role: Story Producer