David Nail FIGHTER Series: The Eddington Family

At the age of four, Russ and Sam Eddington’s daughter Katie was injured in a lawnmower accident. For several years, the Eddington’s fought to save Katie’s leg but to no avail. After amputation, Katie is now walking and running again. Katie’s smile and her fighter spirit to never give up left all of us in awe. She is an amazing young girl who is incredibly inspiring. 

The video is part of an emotional and poignant six-part series released with David Nail’s latest album Fighter. Fighter is an ode to David’s wife Catherine given her “fight” through David’s battle with depression as well as their struggle as a couple with infertility. The goal of the series is to allow others to share their Fighter story alongside David and Catherine’s as well as amplify the message of success against seemingly unfamiliar odds.

To hear The Eddington’s story, watch the video below. To learn more about Limbs Matter, an organization committed to spending the word about lawn mower safety, visit LimbsMatter.com.

To view the entire series, visit DavidNail.com/Fighter.

Role: Story Producer